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Hello, Newgrounds!

Posted by saramttosaram - June 23rd, 2021

Hello everyone! To make this short, I'd love to have more friends here in newgrounds~

I'd love to be friends of everyone here hehehe. But now that I remember it, I came here and I never presented myself! Well, let's start!

My name is Hye Kyung. I know my name can be kind of difficult to pronunciate so you can call me Hye or Abby (a nickname my internet friends gave me). I'm a SFW artist and I live in South Korea, but I can talk enough english to talk with anyone! I'd like to learn spanish, too. My birthday is November 4.

I like to draw, mostly cute, pastel and lovely things, such as pairings, cats, and more cute things. I like pastel colors, so my drawings will be mostly pastel (but not always!)

As for things I like to draw, I love to draw fanarts of the things I love the most, like games, anime or series, but I like to draw original things based in events happening in my real life like this drawing about how I felt about my admission exam or the Philly animation. Talking about animation, I'd love to learn to animate so I'm learning about flash because I have big animated projects.

Now it's your turn! I'd love to have more friends here in newgrounds! I'll read all of your comments!

Thanks for reading me, I love you all, the best community I know!~^^



Comments (2)

Welcome aboard!

NG is an awasome place to be, its full of inspiring artists that you can connect with.

I wish you an awasome journey on this site, and i hope youll enjoy your stay here. :D

Thank you very, very much! I'm really enjoying it, all the art that can be found here, it's so amazing. Thank you for your good wishes, I appreciate it so much. <3

Congrats on graduating, my dude. You have a great day too! :)

AYOOOO, thank you so much for your wishes, my friend! Have a excellent day too ꒰◍ˊ◡ˋ꒱